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Export, how-to

You can export records using the desktop app. Records added using the mobile app can be exported using the desktop app signed in to the same account.

It is also possible to export reports, such as the Species and Observations reports.

Exporting Records

To export records, open the Tools menu and select Export Records.

The Export Records screen will then open. Select the required format first. If you don't see the format you need, then it probably needs to be installed from the library. Formats currently supported for export are Bird Journal, eBird & BirdTrack.

Set the range to export either all records, or all records since the last export. The latter option is helpful when keeping other systems, such as eBird or BirdTrack, up-to-date, letting you export as often as you like without needing to select which entries to export.

If you are exporting to BirdTrack please ensure to enter your BirdTrack username.

A list of entries, along with species counts for each wildlife category are shown in the bottom half of the screen. Use the filters and checkboxes to select which records to export.

Once you're happy with the records to be exported, press the Export button. This will then produce the export file and show a notification when ready, including a link to open a folder with the file selected.

After the file has been exported, you can then use it as you wish, including importing it to another system such as eBird or BirdTrack. Note that BirdTrack and eBird formats allow the export of birds only.

Uploading to BirdTrack

From the BirdTrack menu click "Upload records". Browse for the file and follow the steps.

Uploading to eBird

Cornell have a detailed articles covering how to upload to eBird.

Note that only Incidental, Historical, Stationary, Traveling and Area protocols are supported by eBird import at the time of writing. A number of fields that are enterable via eBird directly are also not supported via eBird import. Feel free to get in touch with Cornell and request these capabilities if you'd like to see them added.

Exporting Reports

To export a report, open the Tools menu and select Export, while the report is open.

It will take a moment to prepare the export, then show a notification when ready, including a link to open a folder with the file selected.

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