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Bird Journal is now even more Free: FAQ

We've just announced that many more features are now included in free, and premium has a lower price and new features.

Here are some answers to questions you may have:

Q) I'm using free, how do I get the extra features?
A) Just update to the latest versions of our apps and they'll be available. You may need to install checklists or taxonomies from the Bird Journal Library before they appear to enter from.

Q) How much does premium cost now?
A) Please see our website for the price in your currency. 

Q) I'm using premium, do I need to do anything to get the lower price?
A) No, you'll simply be charged less on your next renewal.

Q) Why has the price in Canadian dollars gone up?
A) We were charging less in Canadian dollars for a while due to exchange rate changes. We've aligned prices with the Apple AppStore which has meant a small increase for our price in Canadian dollars.

Q) I purchased a gift voucher, have I now overpaid?
A) No, gift vouchers are applied as credit to your account. Your credit will now last longer.

Q) I'm using free, how do I upgrade to premium at the lower price?
A) Prices have been updated everywhere already, you can purchase the upgrade from our website or mobile apps.

Q) I'm using premium, how do I downgrade to a free account?
A) Just sign in to your account on our website and remove your card details. You'll keep your premium subscription until your current subscription year ends.

Q) If I downgrade to a free account will I lose any data?
A) No, it's perfectly safe to move between free & premium accounts as much as you want to.

Q) Why are you making these changes?
A) We want to be more competitive and for more birders & naturalists to be able to use Bird Journal.

Q) Is this a temporary change?
A) No.

Q) Isn't this a bit generous?
A) Probably! Please help us by spreading the word.

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