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Add photos, how-to

Photos of your experiences & observations can be added to Bird Journal using the desktop apps.

Photos are stored within your journal rather than being referenced. This allows your photos to be shown even if the original files have been moved or deleted. Photos are also uploaded to our systems for sync & backup purposes. Photo upload is indicated by the sync icon bouncing up and down.

JPEG files at any resolution are supported, however they are resized to a maximum dimention of 1280 pixels (width or height) - enough to look good on a high resolution screen.

Photos are added in the New / Edit Entry screen by clicking / tapping on the the photo fields.

Photos can be added either to the entry, e.g. for habitat, landscapes, unidentified species, etc, or to individual observations. Adding photos to observations allows you to later filter to all photos of a particular species.

The photo picker will then appear.

Press the Add button to select files to add. Multiple files can be added at once. Alternatively you can drag & drop photos in directly.

Time and GeoTag information will be automatically set from the photo metadata if available. You can also set these manually, including a caption value which will be displayed with the photo.

Press Remove to remove the photo from Bird Journal (not your disk) and use the rotate features if required.

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