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Export from BirdTrack, how-to

Open BirdTrack and log in to your account. You'll see the main screen with a menu on the left hand side. Click "Explore data".

Then click on "Explore my records" in the middle.

You'll then see some filters that can be used to select the records to export. Set these as required and press "Create Output".

The data will be shown in a window below. Click the "Download" button.

A window will appear asking which fields you wish to export. Select them all and press "Download".

After a few moments a file called bt.xlsx will download. This is the file you'll need to import into Bird Journal. You may wish to save it somewhere handy like your desktop, if that would be helpful. Note that the first worksheet in this file contains a summary of species, and the records are in the following worksheets called Records#1, for example.

You can then proceed to import your records to Bird Journal.

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