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Does Bird Journal need internet?

Bird Journal keeps a full copy of your data on every device*.

This means that most activities you will typically use Bird Journal for do not require internet. You can view entries, add entries, edit locations, even edit custom taxonomies and checklists, all without internet.

Changes made will sync as soon as they are made, if internet is available. If not, then they will sync as soon as internet becomes available.

There is no need to sign out of your Bird Journal account, unless you are concerned about someone else viewing or changing your records from that device or computer. You can sign out of your account, if you want to sign in to a different account.

Some features do require internet. These are:
  • Creating an account and signing in.
  • Browsing the Bird Journal library.  (You can still view installed or custom items without internet.)
  • Installing items from or publishing items to the library.
  • Viewing maps.
* With the exception of photos, which are downloaded as needed on other devices. You can use the Download all Photos option within the Tools button to ensure all photos are on your device.  

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