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Can I use the mobile apps with my copy of Bird Journal 2 or 3?

Yes, you can use any of our mobile apps with an existing version 2* or 3 Windows desktop license.

Instead of using iTunes (iOS) or exporting via email (Android), you'll need to install the desktop app too and sign in using the same account.

The best way to do this, is to create your account first using the free desktop app. This will import all of your existing records to the new system. Then, sign in on your mobile app. Doing it this way around means you'll get all of your desktop records on your mobile app too, including all locations.

If you've already created an account on your mobile device and would like to reset this to create your account on your computer, please get in touch and we'll help you do this.

Once you're signed in to both apps, any records added on the mobile device will sync automatically to the desktop app.

From there, you can export them using the "Since Last Export" option to your older version of Bird Journal.

A Bird Journal Premium account would avoid the extra step of exporting and importing, and allow use of world, wildlife and custom taxonomies on the mobile device.

* Note: Version 2 does not support position and time information exported from the mobile apps, so this will need to be removed manually before import.

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