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Why subscriptions?

Simple, transparent pricing. Bird Journal is either free or for a fixed yearly fee. There are no charges for installing apps. There are no charges for installing checklists. There are no charges for updates. You know exactly what you'll be paying (or not paying) next year. And you can use Bird Journal on as many computers/devices as you want.

The latest apps. As updates are not charged for, you can always use the latest and greatest versions. This ensures Bird Journal runs smoothly as Apple, Google & Microsoft update their operating systems. It also means you can enjoy the latest features and improvements as soon as they're available. We issue updates regularly and they are installed seamlessly.

More than just an app. For Bird Journal to provide the best recording experience it needs to be more than just an app. Sync & backup services connect your devices and keep your data safe. The Library lets you discover, install & contribute to our growing collection of wildlife checklists and resources. Maps let you visualize your data in beautiful ways. And of course we provide excellent support when you need it.

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