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[Versions 2 & 3] Restore a backup on the Windows app, how-to

Note: This article is for an older version. There's no need to restore backups using the current version of Bird Journal - simply sign in with your email & password.

Navigate to the restore feature

The restore feature lets you restore a Bird Journal database onto a new/existing computer. The restore feature can be found in Options > Maintenance > Restore Database…

Restore your data from a backup

Restore a database from a backup by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button, this pops-up the file explorer window. In the file explorer window navigate to the Bird Journal backup file. The default backup filename is called ‘backup.birdjournal’. When you have found the backup file click on the ‘Open’ button.

When you are ready to restore your database click on the ‘Ok’ button to begin the restore. A summary of the restore will be displayed on the next page. The summary shows you the number of entries and the last entry date the backup database was modified. If you are sure that the backup database you are restoring is correct click on the ‘Ok’ button to begin restoring your database.

Note: When you have restored from a backup, the restore cannot be undone.

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