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[Versions 3 & 4] Filter records on the Windows app, how-to

Note: This article is for an older version. For the current version see this article.

Filter layout

Filters let you search through your records in a convenient way. Below are the common filters found throughout Bird Journal.

Location filter

The location filter is a smart search dropdown list box. A smart search textbox accepts partial letters, for example, entering the letters ‘M H’ will result in the location filter filtering the location names to words beginning with ‘M’ or ‘H’, see below:


The date filter lets you filter your records by year or month. If you apply the year filter, this will filter the month, which means the month filter will only display months which contain records.

For example, to find out what birds and wildlife you’ve seen in the month of April throughout the years set the month filter to April.

Species/Taxon filter

The species/taxon filter includes 3 dropdown boxes. The category lets you filter by Birds and other wildlife like butterflies and dragonflies etc. To the left of the category dropdown box you can filter by Species, Genus, Family or Order. Finally the last dropdown list searches through a list of species according to the values set in the other two dropdown lists.

In the example below the first dropdown list is set to category then Species, this means that you are searching through all wildlife categories for species names beginning with ‘G’ and ‘W’.

Checklist filter

The checklist filter lists the checklists that you have used to record you sightings, this includes wildlife checklists as well as birds. If you are on the species page for example you can set the checklist filter to show you all the species you’ve recorded according to a specific checklist.

Properties filter

Property filters refer to the custom properties set within your Journal. Properties can be setup for entries or sightings. In the example below there is a property called ‘Observer’ setup for the sightings, which means we can filter our records to show which records where observed by Kaite for example. 

There are three types of properties: textbox, checkbox and dropdown lists. The properties filter does not allow filtering by property type textbox.

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