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[Version 1] Restore a backup on the Windows app, how-to

Note: This article is for an older version. There's no need to restore backups using the current version of Bird Journal - simply sign in with your email & password.

Bird Journal versions 2 and 3 have an automatic restore feature. For version 1, it is a manual process, but quite easy:
  • Run the newly installed Bird Journal once, and then exit. This creates a blank new database.
  • Search on the drive that has Windows installed (probably C:), for the blank database - a file called "user.birdJournal". If you cannot locate the file then depending on which version of Windows you are running; the file "user.birdJournal" can be found from here:
In Vista and in Windows 7 it is located here: C:\Users\ [Username] \AppData\Local\Bluebird Technology\Bird Journal

In XP it is located here: C:\Documents and Settings\ [Username] \Local Settings\Application Data\Bluebird Technology\Bird Journal

Where [Username] is your Windows login name.
  • Verify that the file found is indeed the correct blank database; it should be a small file of around 70KB.
  • Copy the backup file "backup.birdJournal" over the blank new database file "user.birdJournal".
Please be careful not to copy the files the wrong way around.

That's it, you can then launch Bird Journal as normal, and your backup will be restored.

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