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Fix Bird Journal 2 or 3 corrupt user options file

Sometimes the user options file for Bird Journal 2 or 3 can get corrupted, leading to Bird Journal crashing when starting up.

An error message will be shown including "Message: Root element is missing." and "  at BirdJournal.UserOptions.Load(String path)".

The solution is to delete the user options file, allowing Bird Journal to create it again. The file is only small and does not contain any of your records.

To delete it, please:
  • Open the command prompt. Press the Windows button, type cmd and press ENTER. On earlier versions of Windows you may need to press Start, click on Run, type cmd and press ENTER.
  • Copy and paste the text del "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Bluebird Technology\Bird Journal\UserOptions2.xml"
  • Press ENTER.
You should then find Bird Journal starts up fine, and asks you to confirm a few details on how you record.

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